My Wife is leaving me

The moment that my wife told me that she is leaving me and she wants to take my daughter along with her my world started crumbling down. All I’ve ever worked for is now gone. Losing my family in an instant is never a fun experience. They are my rock and them being gone now is such a painful thing to do. I don’t want to imagine a future without them. They are all that I have, and now I’m left with nothing. I did my best but in the end it still was not enough for my wife.

She did not care about my feeling at all. all she thinks about is herself. My wife had left me because she feels that I’m not capable of giving her the financial support that she needed. She had been telling me for a long time about her plans of building a business, and she wants me to provide her with a tremendous amount of money to start her business. Although oblige her very much and I want to help her, I do not think that giving her all my money is a great idea. But my wife took it as an insult, she never really forgave me for not giving her the money she wanted, so she began fighting me every day. Even though she did not have any reason to get mad at me, she would be angry at me every time. She made my life harder than before, and I don’t appreciate it. She even threatened to take my daughter away from me if I do not lend her the money.

I did not make any of her threats seriously that is why she got furious at me. She finally decided one day that she was going to leave me. I tried my best to convince her not to leave but she already made her decision. Now she already left the house along with my daughter, and I do not have any clue as to where they are. I want my daughter back but she would not give her to me. Even though I already apologized to her a lot of times she was still not going to give her back. But when I had thought about it for a little while, I realized that I did nothing wrong. All I did was take care of her, and in the end, she still chose to leave me. Her reason for going to me is not sufficient at all. Thankfully there was Maidenhead Escorts from to help me calm down. Booking Maidenhead Escorts help me to realize the truth. If it were not for Maidenhead Escorts I would still be thinking that I’m the one who was the reason my family fell apart.

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