My Fabulous Date

My fabulous date and the one that is very memorable was the 

first one I had with the man I am married to now. He is now my husband of nine 

years and I would never trade him for anything in the world. How we met each 

other was purely by a stroke of luck. I was twenty two by then and I had been 

working on and off as a London escort like The main reason why I had decided to 

become an escort was because I was by then a broke college girl and I needed to 

look for ways of making my ends meet. 


If you are thinking that I met my husband through my then 

line of work as an escort, then you cannot be more wrong. It was on a beautiful 

Sunday afternoon and the sun was up and warming the entire city of London. Because 

I did not have pressing commitments on that day, I had decided to spend the 

entire afternoon relaxing at London’s Hyde Park. At around three in the 

afternoon, as I was taking a stroll through the park’s rose gardens, I 

accidently tripped over and fell to the ground, head first. The rose gardens 

were filled to capacity and my fall attracted quite a huge attention. I was 

trying to lift myself up when I felt a pair of some strong hands take a grab of 

my waist and lifted me up. Looking back to see the good stranger who had come 

to my rescue, I was met with the most handsome face that I had ever seen. Blue eyes, 

dirty blonde hair and teeth that were sparkling white. It took all my will 

power not to melt myself over the handsome stranger.


Since the fall had given me a twisted ankle, this handsome 

man helped to walk me off to the nearest bench. When I got seated, I thanked 

him and expecting him to leave me alone and be on his way, he sat down as well 

and we started making some small talk. He told me that his name was George and 

that he was a lawyer working with some big law firm in town. I had at first 

found it uncomfortable to tell him that I was an escort for fear that that 

would have scared him off. I did not at 

first have any clue about his perception towards escorts but as our 

conversation progressed, I realized that he was very liberal and I came out to 

him. I did not know what I was expecting but he asking me out on a date was the 

last thing that I expected. 


We scheduled our date the next day and it was a fabulous one! 

He took me out for a movie and later on, we had a relaxed dinner at one of the 

finest diners in London. We talked about everything and nothing. Time seemed to 

fly and when the night finally ended, we agreed to meet on a second date. I quit 

escorting shortly after that and one year later, we got married. Saying yes 

when he asked me on a date that day at Hyde Park is the best decision that I 

have ever made.

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