How to tell if a woman is not a trustworthy-London escort

Many people just want to love someone like a London escort who is honest, trustworthy and has a loving personality. for me you have to pick right woman for you that you feel like all your secrets are safe with her. we all want someone that can love us truly and someone that we can trust no matter what happened in life. for me such London escort is really imports t for me because after all the girls I met and committed with she is only the diamond that loves me for real and been there for me the whole time. I just want to have someone that can trust with and thanks God I found someone in the presence of a Sexy London escort. With all the happenings in this world a lot of men just want to know how they can find a girl that can be truthful to them around the time. well if you want to have someone like a London escort consider this tips below to know what are the qualities of untrusted woman.


  1. Talk behind you- a lot of woman are good in making themselves perfect around you, appreciate all your efforts to them and glad that you are there for them. but some are just trying to hide their inner motives to you. I know a lot of woman I am with before a London escort that I thought were good enough for me but found out I was walking without head in my friends because she says something bad about me that aren’t true.


  1. False hope- There are woman’s out there that gives us false hope just because they don’t want us to stop giving material things and finance them. I know because I’ve been through on that I know that this woman is not trust worthy is I found out that she is with someone else while she let me assume of her and giving all the pleasures that she ask for


  1. Demanding- If you are courting a woman and seems to be demanding to you isn’t right anymore. Many women loves to demand things that will trap you to be with them but in the end they will dumped you directly.


  1. Flirting- when both of you know that you are in good terms and she allow you to court her means that she aren’t allowed to flirt with someone else because it will give you false hope. You know there are flirt that is tolerable but if it is too much that a woman isn’t true to you and just a waste of time.


  1. Dishonest- If you ever find a woman that is dishonest even in simple stuff is a signal that she isn’t a trustworthy woman. You have to be aware that because she is good in controlling and manipulating you the whole time.


those things I wrote above are the signals you have to be aware of before being committed to untrustworthy woman.

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