How I met my husband – London escort

my knight and shining armor rescue me from the pain that almost got me. Well I realized that I don’t need a Prince charming who is powerful and rich, but someone that is always there when I am in the worsts case of my life. Well finally I am able to find my life again. Thanks to my knight and shining armor that truly exist in the real life. Before I became a London escort from, I was once fall in love to someone who is handsome and rich, but I never love him because of that, perhaps I am falling for him. Little did I know that my love is not enough for him. I can’t be so sure that he is the person for me since as time passes by I see his true colors and no matter how much I understand it, something in me is not convince that I should stay with him. I started to experience horrible things from him, I stop enjoying things I should have enjoyed at all. Maybe he is not the person I need, he is just my want. I want this person so bad before because of his appearance. But one day, it all fades away because of his dark sides. Well it is okay for me to accept hat but along the way, he becomes more abusive and I don’t think I can handle it anymore. Breaking up with him gives me the opportunity to become a London escort. I poured all my time and energy being a London escort in order for me not to think of him. It was hard at first, I don’t know where to start but I keep going on. whatever happens to my life I just go with the flow no matter what. living at the moment helps me become the person of me now. I know that being a London escort helps me to fight the stress that I went through in life. I met my husband when he keeps booking me a couple of times and little did I know that he has feelings for me already. I just want this person to stay by my side and love me thoroughly. he is the person that makes my life a better one. Whatever lies between us, I knew that we are perfect to be together. There is nothing that I can’t ask for more than him. my life becomes a lot amazing now that I found my worth as a person. I am truly glad that I got a person like my husband that never hurt my feelings at all. for to me it’s not about the physical anymore, what’s important is the inside of the person. I am so glad that I am able to have a husband that is worth anything at all. I am so happy to spend a life without worries, pain and struggling. we are just perfect for each other and keep supporting each other at all. I’m so lucky to spend a lifetime with him.

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